About the Congress

4, 5 april 2019

III OPVC International Congress - Violence, Crime and Security will focus on the mediatization of justice and its resulting consequences. Crime and victim issues have already been addressed in previous editions of this event.

In today's hypermedia context, news/speculations about crime, of any nature, have a huge impact that often lead to misperceptions and misconceptions about the subject. This new paradigm may even influence population perception of (in)security. Nonetheless, in a state of law, the normal procedures of justice, lato sensu, are naturally different, both in time and in substance from those of which the media echo.

However, this situation has consequences, sometimes dramatic, of various kinds:

a) for the perception of crime and justice;

b) for victims and possible perpetrators;

c) for the agents of justice;

d) for citizens, directly or indirectly.

It is precisely these points, and others related to them, that this III Congress, to be held on 04 and 05 April 2019, at the University Fernando Pessoa (UFP), Porto - Portugal, intends to analyse and debate. We will host national and international specialists, academic and professional actors in the subject, to contribute to these discussions.